19 September 2009


I recently went to a fabric store with some friends. A friend studies carefully each bolt of cloth offered. What will be her choice? Fushia, I think. She holds up grey... no, too bland... green, nice, but no... Fushia! my brain screams.. Well, what would you suggest?... AH! the opening I need.. Try the fushia.. no, it is not too bright. ...what to trim it with? Black? White? ....I'm in agony...Navy Blue... she pulls out a royal... no NAVY... Finally she makes her purchase and the voices calm. This lady is not the only one.
I recently made shirts for a couple of gentlemen friends of mine. I wanted them to be a period printed cotton. I searched all over and found several fabrics for each gent.. and several pictures to base them on. I have no idea why each fabric demanded a certain collar treatment, sleeve treatment, placket/bib front treatment, and even which gent it was meant to go to. I got one done and presented the new owner with his shirt... the collar was tall... he and his wife assured me it was fine... no! the collar was tall! ...Why did I think this? All the measurements added up. It was designed specifically for the gent. ..but it wasn't right. After a re-designing, it is much better and the voices calm.
I often will search for ages for fabric for a garment or insist that I must make a garment in a certain way. I cannot explain why they must be that way or why the myriad of fabrics offered simply won't do.. The creations of the past, remembered in the present. Is the ghost of a long dead dress-maker guiding my design choices, is the whisper of a long dead tailor still dictating fashion... or is it me.. remembering life?

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